Review of blue tooth headphones

The earlier generations of Bluetooth headphones were created for one kind of active users–those on the move, career professionals that were always bustling around doing business. With the Motorola S9 Bluetooth active headphone, the term active enlarged to include the physically active along with the sports-active. The popularity of Bluetooth headphones began to rise when their manufacturers allowed consumers to use wireless headphones in combination with mobile phones via Bluetooth technology. The Motorola S9 Bluetooth active headset is just one such item, and rather a feature-filled one, also.

Bluetooth headphones

It is great for the sports and active lifestyle, for 2 main reasons: It’s only 5.1 ounces and its wireless. The Motorola S9’s sleek and lightweight design provides for comfortable binaural (i.e., having two earpieces, one per year) headphones conveniently shaped into a behind-the-head set. Plus, it’s especially designed to be sweat- and – water-resistant, thus making it the ideal selection for runners, joggers, sprinters, gym-goers, and other sports fans. The ear buds and the form of this slender linking band not only give it a fashionable appearance but also provides for a design that’s both less-distracting and less-conspicuous. The ear hooks are easy to slip on or off. With this sort of material and design, the Motorola S9 is surely a device you will not mind wearing for long periods, way even beyond its normal play time (about 6 hours), talk time (approximately 7 hours), or idle time (about 150 hours). My company

Despite it is very slender yet appealing looks, the good stereo sound quality of the Motorola S9 does not give an inch to low quality, no matter the sound type or format. Though, several users have noticed that the audio quality is not just for the exquisite tastes of experienced audiophiles, the S9’s audio quality suffices for overall usage. Voice calls are too clear and clean because of its music, even in use scenarios that necessitate environmental Noise like wind. The volume of either voice or music audio remains even and well-praised by most users. It will allow you uninterrupted music listening with its automated audio pausing attributes when a voice call comes in. The music finally resumes when the call is terminated. It pairs quite readily and quickly with many compatible Bluetooth-powered devices.