5 super foods for a healthy heart

The most powerful muscle in our body is our heart. It makes more than 100,000 beats daily. It has one of the most important tasks, pumping blood through the whole body, from head to toe and back. It’s not as big as other organs and muscles, but it does the most important and hard work. It is therefore important to take care of your heart and to keep it strong, as it never stops worrying about us. It is necessary to start moving, reduce body weight, eliminate stress because that are all the reasons that weaken the cardiovascular system.

In addition, it is important to take care of the diet. In everyday diet you need to include foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Healthy Heart


Almonds, walnuts and other nuts contain healthy oils, as well as vitamin E that maintain an optimal level of cholesterol in the blood. Almonds also represent a good source of protein and natural fibers and are considered one of the most important and healthier foods for the heart. They can also be used as a substitute for unhealthy snacks because they are rich in natural fibers, omega-3 fatty acids and it is abundant in vitamin E.


Fish is another food rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. It is an extremely rich source of mineral salts. Sea fish is a great source of iodine, potassium and sodium, while river fish contain slightly less sodium and iodine. All types of fish contain vitamins from group B, necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. People who use this food have less chances of developing diseases associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Red wine

Although it is advised to remove alcohol from use, red wine makes a healthy exception. Since ancient times, the fact that red wine is good for preserving the health of the heart is known. It reduces the possibility of blood clots and protects the arteries from damage. Since the wine is made from grapes, wine also contains antioxidants that have potential benefits in improving the health of the heart. It also contains ingredients that protect the blood vessels from damage, strengthen the capillaries and prevent the development of heart muscle infarction.


One of the healthiest foods for the heart. Especially beans that have a relatively high energy value. It is very rich in folic acid, which powerfully acts in the prevention of heart disease.


Corn, rice, wheat, barley and the like can be among the heart healthy cereals. Cereals are rich in vitamins and natural fibers, as well as antioxidants and phytosterols that contribute to the preservation of the heart health. Also, it is good to consume an integral pasta, which is healthier than ordinary one.